well hello!

This job means everything to me and investing in my services means you have a direct connection to my heart - I might as well tell you about it!

I grew up in the woods of Northern Michigan. I’m in love with this chapter of city life, but I’m most at home with moss beneath my feet and the smell of trees and forest dew. These roots have given me a strong compass and a steady demeanor that guides my work and my personhood. 

I married my middle school sweetheart (seriously) and together we made an awesome human called Nova. She lights up my world like the 4th of July and has given me an even greater capacity for witnessing and holding joy for my couples. This little family and my wonderful parents have given me a rock solid outlook on love. It is, as Einstein said, “the quintessence of life.” 

Believe it or not, I went to school for theater! The best part of performing on stage is delivering emotion to others. A powerful and instantaneous connection to our humanity. As soon as I learned what a powerful tool a camera was for delivering joy, I was hooked! 

So let's dance, let's belly laugh, and maybe happy cry - let's feel human together. It’s the best. 

200+ weddings in and I still can’t get enough.

Christy Tyler Photography

My brides always seem to summarize what I do better than I can, so I’ll close with

Jenna's words

From the moment we met Zachera, to well after our wedding day, she has just been the best. She is spunky and fun and creative and professional and literally just ALL the things! When we decided to postpone due to COVID, she was more than accommodating. She even sent us a little gift when COVID got really hard. It blew me away that she, as the vendor that was hit so hard during COVID, was sending US gifts. 

She bustled my dress when my bridesmaids couldn’t figure it out. She taught me how to carry my veil over my arm when I was walking so it wouldn’t get dirty. She literally changed my shoes for me when my dress wouldn’t allow me to reach down to do it myself. I could go on and on. 

Zachera is SO much more than a photographer. She was a true angel sent to us by the wedding gods. I have said many times that our wedding day would not have been even close to the same without her. 

Oh, and the PICTURES are everything! I have had many people tell me they are the most beautiful wedding photos they have ever seen. Every picture she takes is filled with powerful love and light.

She is not only a special photographer, but a truly special person who you will treasure having by your side on your wedding day.”

"She's so much more than a photographer."

Let's do this