My secret is airtight planning and its side effect is a seamless wedding day experience that gives you time and space to be fully present. We can have our wedding cake and eat it too my babe! 

I’ve always said beautiful photos aren’t worth much if taking them was a miserable experience. We’ve all been to that wedding where the bridal party is on hour three of photos, sweaty and miserable while their guests wait for the party to start with dying cocktails. The vibe MUST be protected! Myself and my team keep your timeline moving and check every must-have-photo box all while having a TOTAL BLAST. 

Are we witches? Yes, but think Sabrina. 

Ready? Throw all of your photography stress out the window. GET OUTTA HERE STRESS!

Every few weddings, someone’s uncle asks me “Aren’t you afraid these smart phone cameras will put you out of business?" and every time I answer with a quick and confident “NOPE!”. While yes, a great camera (preferably one more professional than an iPhone) is an important piece of the pie, there is SO MUCH more to this job than pressing a shutter. 

I believe wedding photos can be transportive. They can instantly take you back to the way you felt - the color, the light, the texture. Everything that made that moment meaningful in a single photo. I'm here to create timeless images, with truth and heart at the center of it all. 

Airtight planning, enough equipment to power a small city and almost a decade of experience make this a partnership you can rely on. I’m here, by your side, so ready to be your wing woman and create a lasting legacy for your love story. 

“Aren’t you afraid these smart phone cameras will put you out of business?’

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